The Drax Café

New in 2018 was our pop-up cafe, in the restaurant area of The Drax. We offer a great range of Morning Coffee & Cream Tea.. Our cappuccino is made from fresh Espresso and steamed milk, just the way it should be



Cappuccino  £1.99  (just 99p before 12noon)

Americano £1.99 (just 99p before 12noon)

Caffe Latte £2.25,   flavoured £2.50

Hot Chocolate £2.00

Espresso £1.50

Moccacino £2.00

Cafetiere of Coffee £2.00

Pot of Tea £1.95


Drink in - or take away!


Cream Teas

 home-made scone, clotted cream, jam and pot of tea for one  £3.99






Drax Cream Tea.png